1. Can’t update the game through Google Play Store

Enter Google Play Store Application Settings and clear data and memory, then, an update will certainly appear.

2. I lost my Village! What can I do?

In order not to lose your Village, make sure that it is paired with your Google Play account (it is available in Settings). Remember the exact name of your Google Play account – your account with a similar or different name will not restore the primary Village!

Additionally, protect your Village by saving its ID (available in game Settings).

If you did not pair the Village with your account on time and you lost the Village, unfortunately, it is not good. Contact BAAD Games directly via e-mail. Give the Village ID (e.g. a1b2c3d4e5f6), its name, your level and the date when you played recently. Give us also the ID of your new Village – We will try to help you!

3. How can I disable notifications?

Use the “Settings” button in the right bottom corner.

4. How can I turn on/off sounds or music?

Use the “Settings” button in the bottom right corner.

5. I do not want to receive messages on chat from a given player, what should I do?

After clicking on the given player on the chat, you can block his messages. They will not be displayed any more.

6. How can I get Coins?

Coins can be collected in several ways: buying them in the shop, receiving them for 100% destruction of islands during a battle with the enemy on the level 8, removing natural objects such as Palm or Ruins, receiving them for completed Achievements (see button next to “Attack”) or as a prize for moving to the next Rank in the Player Ranking.

7. Can I change the User name?

You cannot change the Player’s name. One name is assigned to the Village for good.

8. Can I play Battle Skylands offline?

Battle Skylands requires internet connection. This is the game in which players can see each other on the map and this requires information transfer between accounts.

9. How can I prevent losing connection while playing?

Battle Skylands requires stable internet connection. We recommend playing with full range of Wi-Fi network (all bars are full).

10. How to synchronise the game to play on different devices?

Currently, in order to synchronise many devices with one Village, you need a Google Play account. Log in to your Google Play account (connect in Settings) on the device with the Village which you want to upload on the new device.

Next, on the other device, enter the game, complete Tutorial and in the Settings log in to *the same* (important!) Google Play account. Select “YES” on the window which pops up. The devices will be synchronised.

11. Can I play on several devices?

Yes, you can play on several devices. The only limitation is the lack of ability to play in the one Village. Details: see previous question.

12. Why I have to spend my Coins on upgrades?

You don’t have to spend Coins on upgrades if you don’t want to. Sometimes construction of a building or its improvement may be blocked. First check if you have enough free citizens in the village – use “City Manager / Citizens” menu at bottom-right to locate all the crew! The second thing is resources and enough storage for them. If it says you have not enough capacity to get more resources find out the Shop and all buildings for the resource you need. The “City Manager / Buildings” will help you for sure!


1. Are there various kinds of islands?

There are two kinds of islands in Battle Skylands: small and large. On the large islands, you can erect buildings, in other words, large islands are intended for the Village area extension.

Small islands – isles, give you various bonuses. For the time being, there are only isles with bonuses regarding raw materials production in such buildings as Farm, Stonemasonry, etc.

2. How can I conquer a large island?

Islands for development can be conquered by accomplishing the mission called ***SKYLAND BATTLE***

3. There is no place left on my island for the next building.

In order to take over the next large islands, you have to complete further missions. Islands for development can be conquered by accomplishing the mission called ***SKYLAND BATTLE***

4. How many large islands can I take over in the missions?

There are 8 islands which you can take over in the missions: 5 small, 2 longitudinal and 1 large island. Altogether, you can possess 10 islands (2 are available at the very beginning).

5. How can I change the arrangement of large islands?

There is a smaller middle button in the right-hand side of the panel. After clicking, you will see the arrangement of your islands, once you click on any of them, an option for moving the islands appears. Do not forget to save the changes or simply cancel if you want to leave this mode.

6. Can I remove an island?

Large islands cannot be removed; they can only be moved by means of the special mode for moving the islands.

7. How can I get more land?

Just go through further missions. Some of them are more greeny and are labeled * * * Battle for Skyland * * *. Destroy all enemy buildings there to take over the new big island and expand your village!


1. Can I remove, once and for all, such objects as trees or bushes?

Natural objects regenerate after a dozen or so hours since removal. Even if you remove all bushes, they will be back!

2. How can I increase the capacity of Warehouses?

You can simply upgrade the Warehouse to increase its capacity. Upgrading of the Castle enables you to build more Warehouses so that there is enough place for plundered resources and those for which you had to wait to produce with great anticipation.

3. How many upgrade levels do certain objects have?

Every object can be upgraded up to the following maximum levels:
Army: Barracks – 7, Thrower – 5, Armory – 6, Altar – 5
Defence: Rough Cage – 4, Tower – 6, Ballista – 4, Crossbow- 4, Protector – 6, Hole – 7, Ancient Trap – 1, Spike Bomb – 3, Gas Bomb – 3
Economy: Cottage – 4, Granary – 7, Farm – 7, Lumber mill – 7, Warehouse – 7, Stonemasonry – 7, Iron Smelter – 5, Minerals Depot – 5, Mine – 4, Hideout – 8

The number of levels can increase in time.

4. How much time does it take to build certain objects?

Time is provided next to the object. Time that you need to build a new object is provided on the object’s card available in the SHOP. When you upgrade the object, time needed for this development is displayed above the upgrade price button.

This time can comprise several seconds but also weeks, maximum two weeks.

5. How many buildings of the same type can I erect?

The number of available objects for construction is also shown in the shop, next to the particular object.
Develop the Castle in order to increase the maximum number of buildings to erect.

6. Can I remove or sell the objects?

The objects that are placed on the island cannot be removed. You can only discontinue the construction or upgrading. Everybody can erect the same number of buildings so there is no need to remove them. Besides, it would weaken the Village and in Battle Skylands everyone wants to be the strongest.

7. How can I benefit from Pylon upgrade?

It increases its health points! Pylon becomes almost undefeated in the battle. Unfortunately, the enemy can use Mechanics to destroy even improved Pylon.


1. How can I increase the number of Villagers?

The Villagers can be created in the Castle. However, they need their own place to live, that is a Cottage. Upgrade existing Cottages or build a new one in order to make room for a new Villager. More Cottages are available on next levels of the Castle.

2. How can I benefit from employing a Villager in the building?

Each Villager employed gives you additional bonus to the materials produced in the building.

3. How many Villagers are available in the game?

Currently, you can have 30 Villagers after maximum upgrade of the Castle and 4 Cottages.

4. How can I check how many Villagers are employed in a building?

In the bottom right corner you can find the button with a Villager logo. This is the place where you can manage all Villagers employed in the production buildings but also the ones working on building or clearing the island.

5. How many Villagers do I need to upgrade a given object?

The number of Villagers necessary to upgrade an object as well as the price of such a development is displayed on the window after clicking on the given object and selecting the “Upgrade” button.

6. How to get more Citizens?

You can bring more citizens to your village in Castle. If you have not enough housing space for more of them, build new Cottage or upgrade existing ones.

Map & Ranking

1. What is the Map?

In the bottom left corner, you can see the ATTACK button. After clicking it, you will see the Map with enemies’ cities and your own cities marked on it. In Battle Skylands, most of the attacks take place from the Map level.

2. What is the difference between a green and a red Village on the Map?

Red cities are the missions. There is always the 4 next missions placed on the Map. Completing the mission means that you passed it and after starting the game once again, the next mission will appear.

Green cities are the other players’ cities.

3. How many missions are available?

There are 54 ordinary missions and 8 “Battle Skylands” missions available.

4. How do I achieve proper Rank?

For each battle with adequately large damages caused to the enemy’s island, you get points to the Ranking. Unfortunately, non-fulfilment of the requirements provided on the left side of the window during planning the attack results in awarding minus points. The received Ranking Points place you, on an ongoing basis, in the proper Rank. You can predict the necessary number of Ranking Points to get an advancement by moving to the left side of the window which appears after clicking the Cup icon.

5. What is the purpose of Ranks?

Most of all, climbing the 25-rank ladder provides you with a lot of Coins. Achieving the next Rank for the first time gives you a substantial sum.
Rank is also an indicator of experience and skills. Only a few can belong to SkyLeague (SkyRank). It is of great prestige.

6. Why do I get mission 4 if I have already completed next missions?

Missions with lower numbers will appear on the map until you complete them. Thus, you can have both mission 4 and mission 37 to accomplish.

7. Why is there no change in The Best Players ranking?

Changes in The Best Players ranking are updated every hour. In the meantime, you can upgrade and drop a couple of positions in the Ranking and it will not be shown up to date.

8. I attacked all Players from the Map, what next?

You can wait the right time to attack the Players once again and complete available missions.
Another way is using the “Shuffle” button.

9. What is the “Shuffle” button for?

If you are bored with the present Players available on the Map, just jump in the Skylands space-time and place your Village in a completely different configuration – other Players’ islands will appear there on the Map.

10. Can I attack a Village of a Player who is not visible on my Map?

You can only attack these Players who are visible on your Map.
With the “Revenge” function, you can also attack the Players who attacked your Village earlier.

11. When can I get my revenge?

When someone attacks your Village.

12. Why is revenge not available?

Revenge can be taken only once. Moreover, the Player cannot be online.

Small Isles

1. Where can I get a small isle?

You can get small isles in the missions and you can steal them from another Player.

2. Why are my resources isle dimmed and there is a red exclamation mark next to it?

A pulsating exclamation mark means that the isle is inactive. An inactive isle does not give you the bonus which it normally provides.

Additionally, it is an easy aim for a potential attacker because he/she can easily steal it without the need to destroy the Pylon.

Pin such an isle to a free Pylon so that it becomes active. The pulsating exclamation mark will disappear.

3. What are Pylons for?

Pylons are the grapples strengthened with the Crystals, which are on the verge of each isle. They are used for connecting small isles to a Village. A connected isle starts producing its effects on the Village only if it is connected to a Pylon.

4. How can I enhance the protection of the isle against losing it in an enemy attack?

The best way to strengthen Pylons is to improve it to the next level. However, it is not cheap!

It is worth placing the most valuable isles next to the strongest protective buildings.

Additionally, within the Pylon area you can build protective objects such as Rough Cage, Tower, Ballista, Crossbow or Protector or arm the way to Pylon with properly upgraded traps: Hole, Ancient Trap, Spike Bomb, Gas Bomb.

5. What should I do if I do not have place for connecting next resource isles?

This problem can be solved in 3 ways. You can win further large islands with Pylons in the missions. Then, you can connect resource isles to these islands. You can also sell the least necessary isles (the ones which give you the smallest bonus to the resource production). The last possibility is to leave the isle not connected. It will not boost your benefits from resource production and it will be an easy trophy for your enemy once he/she wins the battle attacking your Village.

6. What kinds of isles are available?

You have 5 types of resource isles: Stone Isle, Iron Isle, Food Isle, Wood Isle, and Crystal isle.

7. What are the resource isles for?

The isles producing raw materials boost resource production which takes place in the production buildings. Steal them during battles and you will increase your bonus up to several hundred % more.

8. Can I remove a resource isle?

Small isles with raw materials can be removed by selling. In order to do that, simply tap the isle and select “SELL” in the cloud which will appear over the isle.

If you are lucky, you will get additional Coins!

9. How to connect or change position of small isle?

Hold down you finger on the small isle without any movement and wait until it will “take up”. Follow the special component that will appear when you put your finger over the small isle. It will fill up in a second and will indicate when you can start to move the isle around. Holding down your finger move isle near a free Pylon on any of your big islands. All free Pylons will start to swing. You should easily find one there in your village. Move small isle towards selected one and when it start to blink white you can release touch. Congratulations!


1. How can I see who attacked me?

View battle reports by tapping the handshake icon with a sabre in the bottom left corner. In this window, there are reports concerning an attack and defence of a Village available.

2. What is Protector for?

Protector repels an enemy by means of an anti-gravitational crystal which levitates over its base. In case of an attack, it makes it impossible to place the enemy’s army close to the protected object. Therefore, it can be an effective protection for strategic objects such as a Castle or Warehouse. Plan localisation of the Protectors carefully and enhance them so that their range can protect the largest area of your Village.

3. How can I protect myself against an enemy?

A Player who attacks you can have various intentions: getting your resources from the production buildings or Warehouses, getting points for the Ranking, or a simple desire to be better. Build protection and protect what is the most valuable!

Tauten your muscles, improve your defence towers, erect walls and test various protection settings, check its effectiveness in replays. Applying the trial and error method, you will achieve mastery!

4. My trap is destroyed, what can I do to reclaim it?

Simply point the trap and tap the “Repair” option.

5. How can I assign Warriors to the defence tower?

Defence tower can keep inside several Warriors who will enter the battlefield during defence and will stand by your side killing the invaders.

Check a defence tower, select “Call Guards” from the bottom Menu and use Warriors created by you to defend your Village!

6. What is a threat for me during an enemy’s attack?

If your enemy wins, you can lose your resources, ranking points (drop a rank below), or lose a resource isle.
After attack, all buildings undergo an automatic repair. The Warriors who defended your Village during an onslaught and survived the attack, return to their tower and they shall fight in next battles…. until death takes them.

7. Can an enemy steal all raw materials from me in a battle?

50% of raw materials hidden in a Warehouse are always protected.

All raw materials in the production buildings are exposed to the risk of being stolen.

However, raw materials in the Hideout are invisible to the enemy!


1. How to train the army?

You can do it in the Barracks. Trained army are stationed in the Thrower.

2. Army production has stopped, what should I do?

Each Barracks and each Thrower has a determined capacity (expressed in Housing Space). The production in Barracks will stop when you reach the maximum size of the Army – Throwers will not accommodate more troops.

Send several Warriors to the battle or upgrade Throwers and the production will start again.

3. Why are there only 4 kinds of units available in the tower?

At present, only Peasant, Bomberman, Fighter and Hammer have the ability to defend the island. These are the rules in Skylands!

4. Where can I improve Army?

Build Armory and you will be able to improve your army – Army and Spells.

5. Where can I find the information concerning Army, such as range of attack or power?

Each warrior has appropriate skills and combat features which can be read in Barracks by tapping INFO icon of the given Warrior.

6. Why do I have only one full Thrower and the rest are empty?

Warriors love seething and being together. After all, the more the merrier! This is why they occupy one Thrower and then, once there is no more room left, they will move into the next ones.


1. Can I get back the Army which survived the battle?

At the moment – no.

2. How to play out the battle in order not to loose Ranking Points?

You have to inflict damages in the enemy’s Village achieving level indicated by the first star on the Destruction Progress Bar OR destruct the Castle! The amount of required destruction is displayed on the screen before commencing the battle.

3. Can I stop the battle earlier or accelerate it?

You can cease each battle, at any moment, e.g. when you realise that you have no chances of winning or when you do not want to send more Armies to the battle. Time of the battle cannot be accelerated.

4. Why can some islands re-attack faster than others?

Attacking the same Player once again is possible after 3h. If this time passes and you attack him/her again, the next attack can be carried out after 6h, the next one after 12h and so on. The more you attack, the longer the waiting time.

5. Why is planning an attack on the red field impossible?

The red field during a battle and during planning an attack is the area under protection. Some objects, as they are upgraded, they increase the protective area around themselves (e.g. Protector). This feature can be used as an effective protection against destroying the most valuable objects.

6. Can I direct Army at a particular target?

Yes. During battle, you can give direct orders to your Army. In order to do that, use the first button on the left, on the bottom panel with the list of available Armies and Spells. Select “Give Orders” button and then, point the aim with your finger. The order will apply to the currently selected troop.

7. Can I divide the Army into several independent troops?

In order to divide your Army into troops, use Throwers. Each additional Thrower gives you the ability to create new troops during battle. If there is a possibility to create a troop, then, during the battle, a circular button with a “+” symbol appears on the screen (on the right, at the bottom, next to the group/troop element).

The first troop is created by default while planning the attack. Using the “+” button creates the next troop which will be backlit as the one currently selected.

During the attack, you can direct each of them at different targets.


1. What are alliances for?

Alliances enable players to connect with each other and compete together in the Top Alliances ranking. Each alliance has its own, private chat, where you can find knowledge, tips, share battle replays and have a friendly talk.

Through an alliance you can also provide and receive help in defense / during an attack. For defense support each alliance has its Alliance Army. In attack allies can support another ally in real-time sending own troops!

2. How to join an alliance?

You can join an alliance from the alliance details popup. The interesting alliances you can find through “Search” and also in a couple of other ways (i.e. reading the global chat).

However there are some limitations. You can’t join closed alliances, neither the alliances which are full. Some of alliances have minimum rank points set, that are required to join for candidates.

When one becomes experienced enough, he can create his own alliance.

3. How to create new alliance?

New alliance can be created from the “Alliance” window. Choose the “Create new” option at the top. The price for creating new alliance is displayed at the bottom of the section!

4. Can I switch to another alliance?

Yes. But before that you have to leave the current alliance.

5. How to join a “Closed” alliance?

Basically you can not. But if you have a friend in such an alliance you can still ask him to make an exception for you. You will be able to join such an alliance only if administrators will make it “open” or “by invite only” (soon).

6. What privileges has Founder, Leader, Co-Leader and regular Ally?

Founder can do everything: nominating others to higher ranks, degrading and kicking them off the alliance. Leader and Co-Leader have similar privileges but Leader can’t affect other Leaders nor the Founder, as well as Co-Leader can’t affect other Co-Leaders, Leaders nor the Founder. Furthermore Co-Founders can’t nominate regular allies to higher ranks. All the non-regular ranks can send an announcement to everybody. Additionally Founder and Leaders can edit the alliance’s motto and badge.

Each alliance must have at least one Founder or Leader. When the last of them leaves, the highest ranked and the oldest member is automatically nominated to a Leader.

7. How to send a message to all of my allies?

First of all, you have to be Founder, Leader or Co-Leader to do that. You can send an announcement through “My Alliance” window – use the “Announcement” button.

8. What the Alliance Tower is for?

The Alliance Tower, thanks to the bell at its top, makes an ally able to call for alliance help. In defense it happens automatically. In attack you can call for help in real-time during a battle. By upgrading the Alliance Tower the amount of support army increases. The building has its sight-range, which is important in defense. When an enemy unit will move into its range, it triggers the bell and then comes troops from Alliance Army! Place the Alliance Tower in strategic point!

9. How does the alliance support me in defense?

As an ally you can receive help in defense from Alliance Army during enemy raid. You have to build Alliance Tower and keep it repaired. Alliance troops will appear *automatically* after any of enemy units will step into sight-range of the Tower. The amount of warriors sent depends on the level of your Alliance Tower and on current state of Alliance Army!

10. What is Alliance Army for?

The Alliance Army is the alliance’s common force, maintained by all the allies. It provides additional protection from enemy raids for each ally. Every ally through Alliance Tower reinforces the Alliance Army, sending some of his troops to “patrol” other allied cities. The Alliance Army is automatically triggered to defend allied city as soon as it hears a bell from friendly Alliance Tower!

11. How to call to alliance help in attack?

First of all – join an alliance and build the Alliance Tower. Alliance help in attack happens in real-time – thus your allies have to be online to react. During an attack on enemy city use alliance flag button – it appears next to your regular troops at the bottom. Then place the alliance flag in the enemy city! The help call will reach all of your allies that are online! Until the end of your battle they will be able to join it and help you with their own troops.

12. How much units from alliance can support me during battle?

It depends on the level of your Alliance Tower! The higher level you have, the more units you can receive from allies (attack) or Alliance Army (defense).

13. Is there any alliance ranking?

Hell yeah, Warrior! Just go to Ranking/League (tap the top-left rank icon). One of the tabs will show you Top Alliances ranking.