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Welcome to the official site of Battle Skylands! You can find here some useful information, screenshots and the press kit (which includes short game story description, logo, high-quality screenshots & banners, video). We invite you to play the game after its LAUNCH: 10/10/2016 on Android and 10/13/2016 on iOS devices!

Please remember the ultimate purpose of Battle Skylands players: Reach the SkyLeague!

Press Kit - download:

Press kit - text, logo, screenshots & video (54.1MB)

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About game in short (text also included in press-kit)

Battle Skylands is an amazing world hidden high in the clouds. It is full of scattered pieces of land, floating in the air thanks to an anti-gravity mineral. The archipelago of Skyles is densely settled by brave human tribes, fighting against a wild race of non-humans, and each other, for every piece of territory.

The game starts with a couple challenges you, as a player, resolve with a pretty, big-eyed peasant girl as your companion. She introduces the basics of village managing and tells you how to win at real-time strategy combat, steal some resources, small boost isles, big expansions islands and shows you how to connect them up to the village.

During gameplay Skyland Chief takes care of the village economy (through an advanced villagers managing system), its defense abilities, protecting from enemy invasions and complete dozens of missions, which can earn precious rewards like Food, Wood, Stone, Iron or Mineral and a variety of bonus or expansion isles.

Discovering and upgrading new types of troops and miracles helps you beat stronger and stronger players through the world map and move up in global ranking. The ranks are divided into 24 regular leagues with the highest rank called Skyleague.

A big advantage of Battle Skylands is its beautiful graphics, which enhance unique sensation from dynamic real-time wars in a fluctuating battlefield! Game is run on a custom-designed engine – that means steady 60fps during even the most complex struggles and low system requirements.

Battle Skylands – features:

  • Unique combination of fantasy, ancient, steam-punk & retro-futuristic themes
  • Raise breathtaking village in mysterious realm of floating islands
  • Unique citizen managing system letting player attach a villager to do a particular activity
  • Steal support and expansion islands from enemy cities
  • Let settlers pray for miracles and call for them at battlefield
  • Use secret knowledge to fight against players worldwide
  • Train charming Amazon, tough Cholita, crazy Bomber, just Fighter and other kinds of troops
  • Join alliance to participate in development of mutual alliance village & share support together
  • Give unlimited number of orders with your finger
  • Group army into divisions to beat the most strong defenses
  • FREE TO PLAY – MMO action RTS game for mobile platforms


The player becomes a leader of a brave settlers expedition. Crew are looking for a new place to live! They arrive with their flying craft to the unexplored world of Skylands – floating islands lifted by the anti-gravity mineral.

After long journey the expedition has reached the destination with only a few people survived! You settle a skyle being a part of the really huge archipelago placed high in the sky. Watch out! New leaders are landing here too! They may be greedy and want to occupy as much land as they can! The struggle starts again... Age of bloody wars has begun! Your enemy can be everywhere!

It's time of fighting tribes, time of Battle Skylands!

Press Kit - download

Press kit - text, logo, screenshots & video (54.1MB)

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